January 8th – Friday Fiction

One-Minute Writer Prompt:
Fable. Write an original fable.

Once upon a time in a small apartment there was a digital camera. He was a beautiful camera, with a black body and a lens with all the bells and whistles. When he was out with his photographer friend, he was happy, he loved seeing the outside world with the short blonde girl who held him so securely and with much care. However, when she did not take him out, he found himself to be very lonely. He longed for another camera to spend his non-shooting days along side.

One day, the digital camera discovered that the photo girl had left the bag he lived in unzipped. Light from the outside world was now peering into the darkness he knew and he was curious. The camera wanted to see just what was out there on his own. He knew that he would have to get out of the bag to explore, to find out just what was out there in order to get over his loneliness.

After moving himself from his seated position in the padded bag, he pushed the cover of the bag. Suddenly, light overtook him in all it’s glory. He was now seeing the world that existed outside of that bag. It was wonderful he thought to himself. Seeing all of this greatness made the camera very happy and he knew that his lonely days were a thing of the past. Jumping out of the confines of the bag, he slowly but surely wandered along the shelf in the closet he found himself upon. The camera then spotted another bag very much like his own nearby. Was this another camera? He had to know.

Approaching the other bag, the camera called out, “hello? hello? is anyone in there?” In response to his calling out, the camera heard rustling from inside the mystery bag. The camera’s lens widened to it’s fulled f-stop. There really was someone inside! The camera could barely contain his excitement. Camera swallowed hard and continued, “it is alright, I too am a camera…please do not be afraid. I just want to be friends.”

Suddenly, the second bag’s cover whooshed open and there she was, another camera. The second camera was out of her bag almost instantaneously, as if she had some sort of magical power. Before the digital camera knew it, there she was, just inches away from him. “why hello handsome, I have been wondering who was in that new bag. Alas, my fear had gotten the better of me and I never dared to find out.”

(The moral of the story is we shouldn’t be fearful about discovering new friends and new experiences in life. Go out, explore the world around you.)


December 27th – Social web moment

Did you meet someone you used to only know from her blog? Did you discover Twitter?

Ha, well I already blogged about twitter in a previous prompt, so it is already known how much I like twitter and that I think it is a great communication and networking tool. As far as who I have met in 2009, I have to say that I met a lot of great folks online, mostly via twitter.

The people that have stood out in my mind are creators. When I say creators, I mean anyone who creates something. Whether they are a writer, photographer, artist or create crafty items, they are all creators. And, all of the creative people I have met online via twitter, facebook, or the like are amazing individuals. The passion these folks have not only in what they create, but for creativity is awesome. That said, I cannot single out just one or even two of these people. I believe they know who they are. I hope to get to be better friends with each one of them in the next year. And, I hope I can add something to their creative endeavors as well, maybe inspire them in some way.

This blog post is in response to Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge