Long first week of the year

What a crazy, busy week! It has been hectic at work. I already can’t wait for some slow days to come. From what my co-workers tell me, it won’t slow down until about mid-February where I work. *sigh* I still hope that somehow, it will come earlier than that. My stress levels are threatening to go up and I’ve been trying to keep calm and not let much bother me…here’s to a speedy Friday at work tomorrow and a speedy rest of the month of January!


Reading update

So, I have not been doing well in reading my Sherlock Holmes book…don’t get me wrong, it’s a great book, I just have been very mentally scattered and busy with the holidays. No more excuses though, the holiday insanity is over (even though we are going to be very slammed at work for the next 6 weeks) and I need to settle down and read daily. Decided that while I want to get through Sherlock Holmes, I am going to try reading another book first that is not filled with short stories and is rather one complete novel. Which one am I going to start with from my list? I am allowing myself the day to decide upon that. There are some great novelists on my list and while I am out today, the bookstore will beckon me. More on the decision later…. 🙂